"Logos are the graphic extension of the internal realities of a company."

—Saul Bass

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Many people worldwide thrive on starting their businesses someday or the other and follow their passion for becoming a successful entrepreneur. They research the market, make business plans, set the goals, allocate funds, set up a business location and implement the proper techniques for a profitable business. Companies big or small promote their business with a symbol or a stylish word mark for brand recognition and identity. This is called a logo, and the entrepreneurs are keen on establishing a versatile, powerful, relevant, and straightforward Logo.

So, Logo is essential for any business, as it projects the vision, differentiates from the competitors and supports the company’s brand loyalty. Building a professional logo helps to grab the attention of the customers and makes it memorable. These professional logos stand out when the company advertises its products or services in prints, websites, Television, and other social media. For the brand’s unique identity, logo design has to be done by professionals to make connections with people.

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Evaluating the business/client Discovery Phase brand

The same Logo design does not fit all the businesses because it reflects the business goals. The designer should understand the impression that the company is aiming for. So, For a successful logo design, the logo designer has to get clear business insights.


Researching the competitor's brands / Industry Discovery Phase

By doing some research of the same industry brands, you can understand the logo techniques used, what kind of customers are attracted towards it, the popular and the recent trends in the industry, and how you can make a unique design to stand out from the rest of the businesses.


Logo application areas/application discovery phase

 If you find out where your logos have to be shown, you can determine the color, model, shape, or size. Some of the familiar places where logos are used are signs and banners, advertisements, websites, business cards, social media platforms, company’s letterhead, marketing in pens, mugs or shirts, email marketing campaigns, and product packaging. Whichever the applications are, they should be simple, scalable, and adaptable to all places.


Sketching up the different logo concepts

Sketching the logo design is a simple and easy tool for executing plenty of ideas while building a logo. This helps to visualize the various concepts and see what works and whatnot. You can also mix and match different elements for a perfect fit of Logo that complements its vision and mission.


Creating a solid draft of the logo design

Once the rough logo sketching is done that suits the company, the final logo design is drafted using software to try with different colors, shapes, size, texture, tone, typography, 2D, or 3D models, etc., This digital drafting of the Logo helps to create a presentation that communicates your company’s goal.


Selecting the perfect Logo with feedback

The critics help look at the logo presentations from a different perspective and come with specific changes and improvements. Positive and negative feedback is an easy part, and the real challenge lies in interpreting the logo image after good feedback.


Establish a new brand logo for the company

People will always be curious to know the symbols of the new company or the product and whenever the existing company changes its Logo with a modern touch. A good logo design has a great reach with customers that builds the brand identity and increases the company’s revenue.

Importance of a professional logo :

  1. The Logo of the company makes the first impression strong and powerful while introducing the company to the customers.
  2. Logo acts as a foundation to establish the company’s brand with the customers.
  3. These LOGO ( Language Of Graphic Oriented ) images or marks grab the customers’ attention and communicate the company’s core values within a short period.
  4. The company’s logo can be easily impactful or memorable by the customers and leads them to the company’s interests.
  5. The company’s Logo supports brand loyalty by making the customers buy the preferred brand of products repeatedly, irrespective of the price.
  6. People look for impressive images while buying the products. So, the Logo makes the front and center part of all the marketing tools.
  7. Through logos, people can identify the company quickly and makes them recognize the brand. 8. The company stands out from the rest of the competitors using the unique, solid, and powerful Logo.

How Logo helps to build a brand image : 

The brand image is not the one that can be created but has to be formed. Brand Image is the customers’ objective feedback while purchasing the products or services of the company in terms of their ideas, beliefs, and first impression. The customers create a positive brand image while buying the products or services by offering the company a brand reputation, goodwill, and prestige in society. Though many elements contribute to the brand identity like colors, typography, web design, interactive features, video and motion, data visualization, etc., the first and foremost thing is the strong Logo.

  1. The Logo remains distinct and catches people’s attention for buying the products. Later, after people use the product, they build the company’s brand image if they are satisfied.
  2. The Logo with only the visual impact, even without the company’s name, stands out and makes it memorable.
  3. The color, style and other individual elements of the Logo complement the brand identity and the image.
  4. If the company’s Logo is scalable and versatile, it grows and evolves its brand image.
  5. Logo helps create a consistent and unique brand image of the company that holds customers worldwide.


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