Recommended courses to choose for those who aspires to become website designers in Pune

In this digital era, the websites become one of the most important aspects of any business. The web designers design and develop the websites that include aesthetics as well as look and feel that can attract the customers. The web design elements like color, layout, fonts, and typography determine the logo and brand identity with trust. You should also create responsive, user-friendly websites that nurture more leads and conversions to business.

Why do we need a web design course?

Web designing is a versatile career which has lot of opportunities in the digital world that requires both creative and analytical skills. The course enables the learners to learn various themes, software applications and tools that is important in building and designing the website efficiently.
The creative aspects of the website design course cover web graphic design, interface design and user experience design with tools like, Sketch, Photoshop and Figma. The technical aspect covers front-end and back-end development with tools and languages like, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Webflow, WordPress etc.,

Skills required for a web designer:

  • Creative skills to design a webpage that is intriguing to the customers with the knowledge of graphic design tools and techniques.
  • Programming knowledge on server-side CSS and HTML.
  • SEO knowledge for better reach and more conversions.
  • Good communication skills to work effectively in a team.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills to better understand the business goals and to handle the issues instantly.
  • UI/UX knowledge.
  • Hands-on experience in building adaptive and responsive websites.

Recommended website design courses in Pune:

  1. Arena Animations: This institution provides eight courses for web design which are, certificate in digital graphics and animation, certificate in web designing, certificate in graphics web design and development, web design and development program, certificate in developing interactive webpages, certificate in designing for web using markup language and style, certificate in web animation and scripting with animate, and certificate in web weaver. The experienced trainers and the job assurance help students to achieve their career goals and be competitive in the job market.
  2. MAAC Institute: This is one of the well reputed institutes in Pune that help students to build, grow and scale up their competitive career. They are providing many web designing long-term courses like, DPW3D (Digital print web and 3-D animation), DGWA (Graphic design and multimedia) and APDMD (Advanced program in digital media and design). The short-term courses like, C2D, CGPD, Web Pro, CWID etc., are also provided.
  3. Apponix Academy: This institute has qualified trainers and has placed more than 2000 students. Their web designer certification course is a 50 plus hours program that includes, HTML, HTML4, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS2 and CSS3, JavaScript, website design, J query, hosting, live website design project etc.,
  4. 3RI Technologies: This institute offers intensive web designing course for over 2.5 months along with two live projects. The course syllabus includes HTML5, Basics of CSS, client-side server-side scripting, web design technologies, advanced JavaScript, Ajax, positioning, box border properties, etc.,
  5. Envision computer training institute: This training institute provides advanced web design courses with trained professionals that includes prototyping, wireframing, how to build responsive designs, SEO practices, portfolio creation, PHP, CMS, bootstrap, HTML5, jQuery, etc.,
  6. Technobridge: Technobridge had the experience of training students for more than 10 years in the web designing courses. The duration of the course is 3 months and the course syllabus includes, domains and hosting, HTML, CSS, dynamic and static websites, develop better UI, client and server-side scripting, basic web standards, optimized websites for mobile applications etc.,
  7. Training institute Pune: This is one of the Pune’s oldest institutes that offers web design courses with certifications and 100% job assistance. The course syllabus covers all the essential topics that make students a professional web designer, google certified with the experience of working in live projects.
  8. Designerrs Academy: This academy provides the web design courses like, UI UX design from scratch, Augmented Reality UI UX design, and Voice and Conversation UI UX design.
  9. School of Internet marketing: This educational institute offers job oriented, web designing and development courses that covers topics like, front end, SEO, Ad server integration, HTML, CSS, FTP, Web security, WordPress, Dreamweaver, etc.,
  10. Reliance education: This institute covers courses like, certificate and web designing for 6 months, and program in graphics and web for 29 months.

      So, by studying the web designing course, the web designers can sustain in a competitive job market with extraordinary skill sets. Also, they build responsive websites and make their client’s business stands out with increased sales and profitability.

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