The huge difference between website design and website development


A website is a collection of linked web pages and related content that includes text, video, audio, or other media with a common domain name and published on the web server. Nowadays, it plays a major role for all types of businesses to sell products or services, build a global online presence, promote the goodwill of the firm, increase the brand value and add credibility for increased sales.

The most popular Websites on the web today are e-commerce websites, blog websites, business websites, social media websites, nonprofit websites, personal websites, portfolio website, membership websites and community forum websites. To make a good website both the web designers and web developers must create attractive, functional and usable web pages for the business.

What makes website designers different from website developers?

A website designer conceptualizes the creative ideas of the client, prepares and plans the website structure, establishes the design guidelines and best practices, brings appealing visual imagery and ensures client branding with content standards. Whereas, web developers build and maintain websites using software, monitors website traffic, troubleshoot website problems, evaluate code to meet industry standards and direct website updates.

Web Design Vs Web Development

Functions Of Web Design

Web designing involves the visual look and feel of the website and assists with its navigation and usability of it.

Functions Of Web Development

Web development includes a code to implement the design of a page and maintains databases and other tools to operate the website.

Focus Of Web Design

Web designing focuses on structure and UI.

Focus Of Web Development

Web development focuses on courses of action for using methods of reasoning and counts.

Principles Of Web Design

The web design principles are visual impact and user experience whereas.

Principles Of Web Development

Web development principles are functionality and interactivity.

Skills Of Web Design

Web designers are creative and artistic.

Skills Of Web Development

Web developers have logical and analytical skill sets.

Languages Of Web Design

Web designing is about acing structural languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Languages Of Web Development

Web development is mastering coding languages like PHP, .Net, Java, Python, C, Ruby on Rails etc.,

Tools Of Web Design

The web designing includes visual tools like Adobe, Illustrator, Photoshop etc.

Tools Of Web Development

Web developing tools are based on programming languages like React, Node JS, Angular JS, GitHub, MongoDB, etc.,

Elements Of Web Design

The modern web design elements are unique typography, engaging hero images, hamburger menus, card design, mobile-friendly layout, speed optimization, call-to-action buttons, colour palette, high-quality product images, background videos and semi-flat design.

Elements Of Web Development

Web development elements are, Navigation, interaction, information accessibility, less traffic, intuitiveness, content, and web-friendly.

The basic website design and development process usually involved in the making of a website

1: Discovery Phase – Setting out your website goal to serve its purpose Step

2: Creating a Sitemap Step

3: Considering the website design elements Step

4: Planning your content (SEO optimization) Step

5: Development Phase (coding, analysis, and testing) Step

6: Launching the website Step

7: Maintenance

Why your business needs a good quality website?

• It’s an opportunity to create a good first impression.
• It communicates quality information.
• It enhances the value of the product and increases competitiveness.
• It helps to gain trust and credibility.
• It aids easy accessibility and boosts sales.

Web designers and web developers bring their talents together to create visually appealing websites that function correctly and serve their purpose.

Though web design and web development have to go hand in hand to achieve the common goal of creating a positive online presence, there are huge differences between the two.

For an effective website, it should be well designed by a web designer from a visual standpoint and well developed by the web developer from a technical standpoint. So, they work together to create a cohesive tech-driven concept website that yields profit for their client’s business.

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