Why Google introduced the Hummingbird algorithm and how does it affect your website SEO

It’s been a long time since Google introduced the Hummingbird algorithm back in September 2013. The algorithm was a rewrite of an existing core algorithm of Google. Initially, the algorithm was not noticed by many although it was a major implementation by Google. However in the long run it changed how the search engine worked and impacted many website’s rankings.

In the beginning ranking, a website on Google’s first page was all about link building and keyword stuffing. But all changed when Google introduced the PenguinRank Brain, Panda and other algorithms it completely changed the way websites used to rank. Many also thought that Hummingbird will disrupt the system. This article explains what is Google Hummingbird algorithm is.

What was the purpose of the Google Hummingbird algorithm update?

As one of the former Software Engineers at Google Matt Cutts explains that the Hummingbird algorithm helps Google to make more precise searches according to the long conversations or long search terms made by the searchers in search queries. 

This helps Google to provide better search results, whereas previously the algorithm used to show results on SERP based on the exact keywords that the search query had and the websites that used to rank on SERP were the website that had the majority of similar and exact search query related keyword on the website even though the website lacked relevancy.

So did the Hummingbird algorithm affect the searches on Google?

Yes, when compared to other Google algorithms like Panda (which just affected 1.2% of search queries) and Penguine (which just affected 2.3% of search queries) Hummingbird stands at the top by affecting 90% of the search queries.

Although SEO experts suggested re-strategise the content strategy of the website with more phrases like how to, what to etc it didn’t work out well. 

Actually what the hummingbird doing was making the search engine understand natural long conversational search queries made by the searcher. 

Then what is the best strategy to win the Hummingbird algorithm?

To understand that we should understand how the old Google algorithm used to function. Before the update of the Hummingbird old semantic search algorithm used to function as the main keyword picker from a long phase query and showed results according to it. 

But then people slowly started adapting long phrase searches and voice searches which include long tail keywords. This had a huge impact on how search engines showed results. For eg, if someone searched for “How to make low-calorie mango or blueberry yoghurt” the algorithm used to pick the keyword low-calorie and yoghurt, and provide results based on the keyword picked by the algorithm. 

Users used to spend hours going through the results and never or barely get any details on how to make low-calorie mango or blueberry yoghurt, but a ton of information on low-calorie yoghurt was delivered.

So to solve the issue Hummingbird algorithm was updated where precise search terms were used by the algorithm to give accurate results or the best results out there.

The answer to the question is to start using long-tailed keywords on your website. 

Why do meta tags little or will no longer help in a ranking website?

As we discuss every time Google has set up a line where most of the search engines fail to deliver results as Google can. Meta tags still work in most other search engines but they stopped working in Google after the introduction of the Google algorithm hummingbird. 

The algorithm now clearly understands whether a search result is providing value to the audience and how one interacts with the content. This was more effective than relying on meta tags although still, some meta tags help a bit here and there in ranking. But no one can rank just relying on meta tags today because even the pettiest niche has high competitors out there providing better quality content.

How do I dominate in the competitive website ranking algorithm?

Our mantra is to always focus on your content and provide value to your audience, success is assured. Always remember content is the king. Feel free to contact Hexachipx SEO experts.

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