List Of Do follow Commenting Backlinks Part-1

Link building is one of many factors which help in ranking and increasing your Da. Many SEO gurus preach about how link building is not so important when ranking a tough niche on Google. Yes, this is true for websites that already have millions of links that are built and have a good audience base. These websites rank on SERP easily without even having good quality content.

But what about new websites, that is starting from scratch. A new domain, which is finding a hard time ranking on SERP. Yes, content plays the main role, but link building can help a lot.

Building links have become tougher than ever. No website owner is too generous in giving an opportunity in providing a guest post even if the content provides a high value to the audience. Link building is tougher and costlier.

So then what is an option? How can a new website get its initial swing? How can a website rank its first niche on Google SERP? How can a website increase its Da? How can a website get its first few links?

There is hundred of factor that helps in ranking a website. Today we will be sharing a part of it, which is commenting link building. Commenting link-building is a quality cum quantity method. This helps you in increasing your Da(domain authority) score. So below we are sharing today list of 25 dofollow commenting backlinks.

Kindly note: We got these links while reverse-engineering some of our client’s competitors websites ranking on page one on Google. While studying the link pattern these links were used as a secondary link combining some quality guest posting.

Result that we got from some of these links in 2 months:

Kindly note: We used these links as a stacking technique. We will release an article on that soon. These results were collected on the data received during the publication of this article.

We provide website designing services in Trivandrum these links helped us in achieving some of the rankings.


  1. Website development in Trivandrum
    (page 1) (Top 10)
  2. Website designing services in Trivandrum
    (page 1) (Top 10)
  3. Website development company in Trivandrum
    (page 1) (Top 6)
  4. Website designing Trivandrum
    (page 2) (Top 3)

Kindly note: Some of the above websites stop the user from commenting on their website temporarily. If you were not able to comment try after 2 -3 days.


We will be soon releasing part 2 of the “List Of Dofollow Commenting Backlinks” so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel for more future updates.

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